Jun 25

Project: Dont get Stuck with the 5 inch Thorns!

“Sure Dad, c’mon up and we will play golf or something”.  “Yeah Andrew, we will just relax and do some grilling”.  I had em’ right where I wanted them.  Little did they know that they were going to have to deal with the tree of torture: 5 inch thorns and all.

Both my Dad and best friend knew they were going to get in some good old fashion manual labor.  I can’t say it enough, Kelli and I are very lucky and blessed to have people like them in our lives; that no questions asked, will come up for a weekend and help out with our crazy forest house!

finished product

Super Pumped to have the help of these fellas.  One project off the list!!


This Locust tree was only a small part of our weekend project, but it is definitely the most intimidating.  Those thorns are long, sharp, and will go right though a pair of shoes.  I also found out that if they stick you, the very tip breaks off and stays in you.  I’m living proof of that…

5 inch thorns

Here was the before picture of the house.  As you can see, this side of the house needs a little TLC.  By a “little”, I mean a lot of work for three guys, plus some work from my wonderful wife and her tag-a-long Char Char.  Kelli is not a big fan of that name for Charlotte but until something else pops in my head that’s what daddy’s nickname for our mini is going to be.  Sorry, I digressed.

before 2
I’m picturing settlers back in the frontier days making some pretty intense weapons out of these things.  I mean seriously, look at them! They’re straight out of a Steven King book.
Locust Thorns
With all that said, naturally the first thing to do would be to climb up a ladder straight into the thick of things.
Trimming high
Bush, meet Dad.  Dad, meet bush.  It just needed a little hair cut.
(Both my dad and I were blessed with low maintenance hair, aka we are bald.  But, if we did have hair, this bush is what I assume it would look like in the morning.)
Out of control
Continuing on the trimming theme, we decided to take out these green things from beside the house. Are they a tree, a bush, a weed?  Those mixed messages are probably the main reason it got the ax…I mean saw.
more chainsawing
After we got everything cut down prepared, we were ready to start re-laying the brick edging.
laying barrier
How many guys does it take to screw in a light bulb…wait, I mean lay down bricks in a neat line?
playing in the dirt
Bring on the greenery!
Our plants
Kelli and I don’t get a ton of chances to go on “errands” with the family.  I really enjoyed the time of sifting through the 50% off area at the greenhouse.  Gotta love deals and gotta love family!! 
at the greenhouse

at the greenhouse

Honestly, I don’t know what this thing is.  I’m sure if I asked Kelli she would know, but it’s 12:30 a.m. now and she is fast asleep.  Whatever it is, it is one of my favorite plants.  I love the color of the leaves without any type of flowering or blooming.
Throughout the 3 years of total home ownership and the variety of landscaping projects we’ve done (see Sidney example 1 or example 2), we’ve learned a couple lessons.
One is to always stage what you plant.  It’s the easiest way to determine whether you will like the arrangements of your plants.
The other is to keep in mind that your plants will grow, so be sure to space them out.
staging plants

staging plants


setting up
There’s “miss green thumb” herself.  Even with a bun in the oven she is still out there pitching in.  What a trooper!!  Can’t keep her away from planting.
Kelli planting

Kelli planting


One of the last things we had to take care of was the random bench on the entry way.  A couple of bolts and a few screws and it’s outta here.
still removing bench




removing bench


Here’s the rag tag trio of landscapers.  Without them I would probably still be stuck in the thorny tree!

the work crew

the work crew


Barkley was the supervisor for this project.  As you can see, he takes his job very seriously.

Big B

Big B


And the Grand Reveal!

Five for Friday- Front Flower BedOne last Before picture so you have a good idea of where we started.

before 2

before 2

finished product

Until next time!


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