Jan 16

Rewind- Christmas Gift Giving

I have been anxiously awaiting doing these next few posts! I had a lot of fun this year making DIY Christmas presents. Since I just started my new practice, money was a bit short this year. But I took it as a great opportunity to make handmade gifts, which in my opinion are equally as awesome as expensive store-bought ones.

These two presents were given to my sisters-in-law.

I got caught up in pre-Christmas madness and forgot to take a picture of the final product, but you’ll get the idea. This is a bulletin board for her room! I remembered that Jillian painted her room blue and green, so when I saw this fabric print I thought it was perfect.

I bought a bulletin board and took off the wooden frame.

 Then cut the fabric to fit around the board

 And used the staple gun to fasten the fabric around the board.

I’ll have you know that I broke my staple gun in this process…it was replaced by a hardcore, much more durable and manly staple gun of which I’m very proud of

 I’ll just explain how I finished it off since I don’t have the picture to show!

I used lime green ribbon on two of the corners and also stapled those on the back. That is where Jillian cut tuck pictures into rather than tacking them on the board.

Finally, I painted the wooden frame with flat white spray paint and attached it to the board.

I think it turned out super cute, and I hope Jillian is enjoying it in her room!

 My other sister-in-law is in her first year at college! So I thought about the things I needed (or wanted) in college, and came up with a handy dandy dry-erase board. I can just picture her and her roommates writing little notes on it to one another.

 So I started out with a store-bought frame

 Then picked out some cute scrapbook paper and measured it to the length and width of the frame

 Then I wrapped twine around the marker and stapled the twine to the back of the board so the marker will stay in place.

I wrote this message to Ashley on the board, but it’s as easy as wiping it off to write something new.

Ash, I hope you and your roommates are enjoying your dry-erase board!

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