Jan 12

Shutter Installation: Adding an Extra Little Charm

So we love our house, but one of the main issues we have with it is that the outside looks a little dated.  Kelli and I have been on a mission since we’ve moved in to get the “curb appeal” to a better place.  The first thing that we did was replace the garage doors (still need to write this post.)
We’ve also done some landscaping, which was a lot more dangerous than we were expecting.  This leads to the shutter installation project.  We thought they would be a cheap and effective way to help add a little outside charm to this house that looked like it was slightly stuck in the 70’s.

Here’s a little before and after.


House before ShuttersAfter

DIY Shutter InstallationI (Eric) have fallen in love with Menards.  To me, it’s the perfect balance of price, quality, and selection.  And no, they [unfortunately] didn’t pay me to say that.  Maybe one day, sigh.  I believe it’s a midwest regional hardware store.  So you coastal people may not have the pleasure of doing your shopping there.

We put shutters on a total of three windows, meaning we had to get three sets of shutters.  We got them from Mendards for around $23 a piece.  We are very happy with the results of the shutter installation. Plus, we did it all for under $75 and about an hour installation time. Score!

Shutter Prep Work


The tools I used to do the shutter installation were:

  • Drill
  • 1/4” drill bit
  • Multi-tool(pictured below)
  • Tape measure
  • rubber mallet

In the above picture, I went ahead and laid everything out so I knew what I was getting into.

Below, we have board and batten siding, so to make sure the shutter was flush with the window I had to use my multi-tool to cut about a 1 inch section to make this happen.


DIY multi toolIMG_7739IMG_7742The last step was to re-seal the seam that was left when I cut the piece of wood out.  I did this with a exterior caulk. IMG_7746

Now that the house was ready, I had to do a little prep work on the shutter, per the instructions that came with shutters.  I put a total of 4-1/4inch holes into each of the corners of each shutter.

After I got the holes in the shutter, I placed the shutter in it’s final resting place next to the window and drilled the same sized hole through the siding.  If you have brick or stone siding, this is where it could be a little tougher.  My assumption is that you would have to use a masonry bit rather than your typical wood bit.

drilling on ShutterThe last steps to the shutter installation is to hammer in the plastic spikes.  This is the easiest step of the entire process, as you have already completed all the prep work.



shutters installedAfter you know it, you’ve got shutters on your house!  Like I said earlier, the shutter installation only took about an hour.  I installed a total of 6 shutters throughout the whole project.

DIY Shutter InstallationThis project was just another step on the way to a more charming exterior.  There are so many things we love about this house.  We can now add shutters to that same list!!  Next stop, I rip out and replace of the front porch and that sweet ramp to the bottom left of the picture.

Until next time. Build On!


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