Aug 27

Fireside Dreamers Site Night

When our “development” team for Fireside Dreamers gets together for a site night we try and mix the work and play.  For example: the site night prior to this particular site night we had our wing-off where Jay ran away with the win.  You can read more about his killer recipe on the wing-off post.

We decided that for this night’s event/menu would be shish kabobs but with a little twist. The challenge that was presented to each of the site nighters was to bring a vegetable or dish that was a little different or unique than our usual just meat on the grill menu.  I think we ended up with some tasty things to eat and had a great time making them.  Also, you will notice below that we have some adult beverages.  They really help get the creative juices flowing.  These are a must to come up with the master ideas that come out of the site night!

Kelli is putting the sirloin steak that had been marinating since lunch onto the skewers.  I don’t believe the marinade was anything special.  I think it was a basic A1 marinade that we got at the store…still pretty tasty thought!

  One quick tip: if using wooden skewers do not forget to soak them in water prior to use.  If forgotten, plan on having crispy skewers that snap like twigs and leave a burnt smell on your kabob.

Tess rose to the challenge of acquiring and using some unique vegetables on our kabobs.  We had the obvious vegetables like onions, peppers, mushrooms, but we also had some very different veggies like avocados, cucumbers, and plantains!  The new veggies put a cool twist on a dish that we eat so often, even though I think the grill master(me) extremely overcooked the new veggies…oops!

Here’s what Barkley thinks of site night….  Now if it was “throw my soccer ball all night long” night he might be a little bit more excited.  Maybe next time bud.

Here’s what a site night really consist of:  85% of the time is us sitting around chattin’ it up and drinking some brewskis, 10% of the time everyone’s productive and building cool things, and the last 5% is looking at the other blogs that Kelli just found when she told us she was “working.” Staying up just isn’t in the cards for her.  If she tries to stay up too late she gets a little loopy.  That’s when kooky Kelli shows herself, its quite the site to see if you’ve never had the pleasure to observe it!!

For our kabobs we decided that it was just easier to separate  the veggies and the meat.  This makes it quite a bit easier to make sure that everything is cooked correctly and things don’t get to burnt or not quite done.  The picture is making me hungry just looking at it.

Here’s our grill full of food! Like usual, we cooked enough to feed an army.  That just means leftovers for the next couple days’ lunches.

One thing I forgot to mention that Jay has become the master at his jalapeno poppers.  It’s essentially jalapenos sliced in half with the seeds removed, cream cheese placed in the cavity where the seeds were, and then wrapped in my personal favorite, BACON!!!!  These are super simple to make and if you bring them to your next backyard party or tailgate I guarantee you will be the hit of the party!

I’m pretty sure Jay has started eating them with just about every meal that he makes.  I mean they are GOOD!!

The rest of the grilling was pretty simple.  Just leave the skewers on each side for 7-10 minutes depending on if it’s meat or vegetables.  Take them off and serve.  Be sure to eat the jalapeno poppers first as your appetizer!

In conclusion, up to the point of eating was the 85% of the site night.  We worked for the next 10%, which we got some ads up and began to set up an Etsy shop(much more to come later on that),  and finally concluded with Kelli finding it very interesting that you can make your laundry detergent.  I call it a success! Thanks for reading and stay classy San Diego.

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