Mar 07

Spring Cleaning: Cord Organizing

Let spring cleaning begin!

For some odd reason, I’ve been obsessed with organizing and redecorating lately….hence my current re-painting of our bedroom (pictures to come soon!) and re-organization of pretty much the whole house.
I constantly have a battle with our basket of cords every time I go to find something. Of course, I’m usually in a hurry and end up cursing at the basket. SO, that needed to end. In order to do that, I had to figure out how to label each cord so that I could easily find what I needed. I settled on using clothespins, and I think it worked pretty perfectly.

Check it out:

This is just half of the cord mess. I was too embarrassed to show you the whole slew of cords we’ve acquired over the years. It’s ridiculous. But NOW, each cord is neatly labeled and clasped together with a clothespin! It’s amazing how something little like this can make life so much easier!

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