May 24

Sunday Fun-day

We love spending our weekends working on projects. But we’ve learned that sometimes the best way to spend a Sunday is not working but PLAYING instead– Sunday Fun-day style!!

For this past Sunday Fun-day we chose to hit up the links (i.e. Golfing) and do a little fishing at a nearby small town.  Here’s how it went down….put the boat in, decide we want to golf first, take the boat out, golf 9 holes, eat gas station food, put the boat in, sit in the boat while it rains, gaze at the rainbow, fish. Phew! Never a dull moment!

I love the first picture- it’s Kelli being a sport and sitting in the boat while our friend Brandon and I do some fishing…in the rain.  She’s having a good time chilling and eating a slightly damp Nutty Bar. 🙂

This was the beautiful rainbow that came out after the storm had passed.  All three of us were convinced that we actually saw the end of the rainbow in the lake that we were fishing on.  No gold and leprechauns for us though, bummer.

Me with a big ole’ cheese ball smile

Prior to getting on the lake we hit a round of 9 holes on the golf course next to the lake.  Look at that form!

This is our idea of a Sunday Fun-day. What’s yours?

  Hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Weekend!! We are looking forward to spending ours with my family who is visiting this weekend!


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