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Aug 28

Dining Room/Kitchen Makeover

This update is long overdue. One of the only things I didn’t love about this house (other than the basement…but that’s another story for another day) was the dining room wall color. Was it purple? Maroon? Red? Who knows. Everyone saw a different color, and I just saw dark and out of place. I’m not a fan of dark wall colors, especially not in this airy, light space we were creating. We were lucky enough to love the wall color in the rest of the house (a soft, muted grayish blue), so this color just stood out…and not in a good way.
In my nesting kick, I decided to go to town on painting over the darkness. That’s right, I painted it! Don’t worry, I asked my doctor and several nurses first and they all told me if it was well ventilated, the baby would be A-OK 🙂IMG_6265Let’s just say, when I get an idea in my head, I don’t exactly give up easily. This was several months ago, so I was feeling great physically and didn’t have any problems painting the space. I rather enjoy painting, actually! I brought in a plate to Home Depot that I liked the color of and had it color matched.  IMG_6685 I’m not sure if it was because the green was SO different from the purple/maroon/red, or that it didn’t match the plate that I color matched….but neither Eric nor I were exactly in love with the new green dining room/kitchen. It definitely took some getting used to. Now, it feels like the right color for the space and we really like it!IMG_6686 I recently added some decor above the cabinets to spice things up a bit. This “Kitchen” sign was a quick DIY project I did the other weekend. "Kitchen" Sign This side is still a work in progress. It’s getting there though!Above the cabinets Corner CabinetBEFORE:
IMG_6265AFTER: Green Dining Room Isn’t it amazing how paint can transform a space?


Pregnancy Update: We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little one! I am progressing well, the doctor says. My due date is September 14 so we have a few weeks to go. We are SO excited and can’t wait to meet our daughter!

Jul 12

Fireside Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!

We missed last week’s Five on Friday link party because we were getting our relax on during our babymoon! Like we shared here,  we had an awesome trip filled with adventures and relaxation. But, Monday meant back to reality. Isn’t so hard to go back to work after a long weekend?! It’s like torture I tell ya! Luckily, this week has gone by fast and now it’s already my favorite day of the week!

To share in the Friday fun, link up below:



There’s something about drinking coffee on a porch that makes life so great. Weston, MO (our babymoon location) is such a quiet, quaint town. Even though we live outside the city now, we can still hear road noise. There’s none of that here, and I LOVED it! Eric and I sat on the porch drinking our coffee and enjoyed some quiet time before breakfast. This is what vacations are made of. It really is the little things in life…




Demolition #2 in the new house is underway! The first demolition was outside (here), so this is officially the first huge inside project. Eric is re-tiling our front bathroom! I can’t describe how excited I am for this renovation. People, there was carpet in half of this bathroom. I just don’t understand carpet in bathrooms. ESPECIALLY when the previous owners obviously took the time to tile half of it and not the other half. So weird to me. I’m so lucky to have a handy hubby like Eric 🙂 Now that the bathroom is painted and we’ll soon have new flooring, it’s going to be a brand new room!




I’ll be honest, this little gem isn’t from this week….it’s from two weeks ago. But like I said, I missed last week’s Friday post! My dear friends Jena and Angela threw me an amazing baby shower a couple weekends ago! Oh boy, how did I get so lucky to have friends like these gals? More on this shower to come later!

Shower hosts



As you probably know by now, I’m slightly obsessed with the nursery. What can I say, it’s my favorite room in the house…by far! I’m nesting like a mo fo, so I thought I’d share this cute little nook of the room with you. I found the coat hanger at a garage sale a few years ago and thought it was perfect for Ms. C’s room. Eric spray painted it white for me. On the hangers are a few very special items. The booties are vintage from an antique store Eric and I stopped into on one of our trips back home. The gown and hat are my baptismal outfit! So adorable. I can’t wait to put Charley in it and compare pictures. Finally, the little brass heart and key are from my room as a child. I had an old antique dresser growing up and lets just say I was REALLY into changing my clothes 29389 times a day as a kid. It was kind of a problem. SO, my Mom had no other choice but to lock my drawers with the skeleton key to keep me out of there! I was super sneaky though, and would manage to climb on my dresser, get the key, unlock it, get what I wanted out of the drawer, climb back up to replace the key and thought no one would notice….until one day, the dresser fell straight on top of me. I learned my lesson that day.




So, I’m kind of in to this new fad (at least I think it’s new) of making your own laundry detergent. I know that sounds super Little House on the Prairie, but I love the idea of not spending a ton of money on detergent! I’m allergic to most laundry detergents, so I like that this wouldn’t bother my skin. And it’s super cheap to make a year’s supply! I did make my own dishwashing detergent last year and we’re still using it (more on that later), so I’m pretty sold on this idea. Has anyone tried this recipe??

All the supplies you need to create laundry detergent for up to a full year.  - yes, really!

Enjoy your weekend!

Jul 08

Babymoon Love :)

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend! We spent our long weekend in Weston, MO celebrating our babymoon before the baby arrives!

Weston is one of our most favorite places to visit. It has everything we love- small town charm, breweries/wineries, and bed and breakfasts. Even though we couldn’t enjoy the breweries/wineries this time, Eric was able to get a flight of beer at the brewery and I did the honor of smelling each one and predicting what it’d taste like. I do what I can.

I forgot my “fancy” camera on this trip, but I was actually OK with it. We took a few photos with our phones (Eric’s pictures turned out better), but mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company and had a fun, relaxing time! Our bed and breakfast, the Benner House, had a really nice pool that we lounged at. Eric even surprised me with a couple’s massage! It was heavenly and a fun thing to do together. We went to the plaza for happy hour, and hit up the 4th of July festivities in Parkville, MO. Overall, it was just what the doctor ordered- a perfect, fun, relaxing babymoon as a couple! Who knows when we’ll have another getaway like this!



I (Eric) was able to get some of his pictures of our babymoon experience! These candid snapshops give you a little hint of the relaxation that took place over the 4th of July weekend.

Babymoon Flights

Babymoon Flights

Weston has an awesome Brewery for such a small town. If you are in the neighborhood you should definitely stop by and partake in the flights offered there. Here is the website for Weston Brewing Company.

Babymoon Bed and Breakfast

Babymoon Bed and Breakfast

Kelli and I love being able to get away from reality for a bit. We’ve found that B&Bs offer a great solution for a babymoon retreat. We stayed at the Benner House and it was great! Personally, my favorite part of the stay was the breakfast that was made each morning. Top breakfast I’ve had in a while. Again, if you live within driving distance to Weston, MO look into staying at the Benner House.

Parkville Babymoon

Parkville Babymoon

Here was our stop in Parkville to watch the fireworks. We ended up getting there a little too early(5pm arrival for a 9:30 firework show) oops… We made the best of it and people watched at the carnival to pass the time.

Babymoon Carnival

Babymoon Carnival

This was Kelli’s favorite part of the retreat. What babymoon is complete without a prenatal massage?

Post-Prenatal Massage

Post-Prenatal Massage

Baby moon Drinks

Babymoon Drinks

What a wonderful adventure! With Charlotte being our first mini, we’ve learned a lot of different things when it comes to babies and what to expect. Our babymoon was a lesson we don’t mind learning over and over again. It was a great way to relax with just the two of us. It gave us time to bond over the bundle of Joy we are about to bring into this world!!

May 18

How to Paint a Hutch. Drab to Fab for under $100!!

Whew, this post has been a long time coming. We bought this amazing hutch on Craigslist for $80!   What a steal that was.  With such a good find, it was the perfect opportunity to teach myself how to paint a hutch.  I have to admit, we’ve kind of become Craigslist pros with this move to Kansas. We were able to buy brand new kitchen appliances for $1,000 less than Nebraska Furniture Mart quoted us (same exact models), our nursery furniture (more on that later!), and a riding lawn mower. Score, score and score! There really is a sense of accomplishment when getting a great deal on something that completes a space, or lawn in the case of the mower.

This hutch has a purpose in our new house. First of all, we had the perfect space for a large piece of furniture, and secondly, I was wanting a place to display all of my pretty platters and bowls that I rarely use. It’s also been a great way to store some extra things that we don’t necessarily want displayed but need to access, like chargers, batteries, etc.


Let’s get to the fun stuff. Refinishing this hutch was a lot of fun and is a piece we will have in our home forever. We’re in love with it!How to Paint a Hutch: Fireside Dreamers

To start with, here’s a list of items you will need to complete a furniture re-do like this:

You’ll Need:
Solid wood hutch
Paint- we used Glidden with primer
Electric sander (or muscles and heavy grit sand paper)
Spray paint- black
A wood finisher- I used Howard Citrus-Shield Wax
Good paint brushes and rollers
Screw driver


This is how we bought the hutch. It’s cute…but it definitely needed some love.

hutch before

And this is the paint that we used. You definitely don’t need to use this brand, but I would suggest a paint with primer in it. It makes application much, much easier. Glidden paint  The first step was to remove all the hardware, drawers and doors.

taking off hardwaredoors, sanded

Then I used the trusty Shop Vac to clean the sucker up.

shop vac

I used the sander on literally every surface- top, inside, sides, drawers, and doors

sanded surfacesanding the hutch

And we used this black, satin Krylon spray paint for all of the hardware. Krylon spray paintOnce it was all sanded, I wiped the whole hutch down with a microfiber cloth before painting. I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any dust left behind that would show up in the white paint.

Wiping off the surfaceLet the painting begin!

IMG_5966One coat of paint

I will admit, this project took a whopping three coats of paint. Let’s just say I wanted it to be perfect, so the third coat may or may not have been necessary. It definitely gives it the finished, professional look I was going for. Door with 3 coats of paint Indoor paint stationIt was finally time to put the hardware back on…

Eric adding hardware

I knew that the finished product was going to to need a good sealant to keep all of those scratches and marks at bay. I decided to go the natural route and used a wood wax.
To apply this wax, I used a clean cloth. I started out with a thin coat of it to see how it applied. I used the most wax on the top since it will be getting the most wear and tear. On the rest of the hutch, I just applied a thin coat of wax.
Paste Wax

And this is the bottom half, done!

Eric worked on the top half of the hutch while I was gone one afternoon, so we no pictures of that process. BUT, I will assure you, he followed the exact same process as I outlined above. We decided to take off the glass doors that came with it originally, so he patched the holes with some wood filler.

Bottom Half


Now, to go along with my Spring Cleaning segment, I’ll show you how I spruced up the inside of the hutch to make it functional for our family! Drawer Lined 2

I used contact paper from the Dollar Tree to line the drawers.
The I used these little plastic baskets (also from the Dollar Tree) to separate our chargers. Each one gets a clothespin label to specify what device it belongs to (see how I organized our electronics here).
Drawer lined

The drawers aren’t totally full yet, which I’m actually loving. I’m sure once the babe gets here, we’ll acquire more things that will be stored in the hutch. Drawer Liner Hutch and Accent Chair

The decorations are a constant work in progress. I find myself changing things up almost on a daily basis. I’m sure the theme will be ever-evolving with the season and my mood.  Hutch decorating Top Half of Hutch


Bottom Half decorated copy

And just as a reminder.

Hutch Before: How to paint a Hutch

Final Product!


Hutch most recent


So, that’s not so scary, right? I think that the idea of refinishing a piece of furniture can be daunting. Hopefully this how to paint a hutch tutorial took some of the guess work out of it and gave you the inspiration you needed to get started on your own piece!


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