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Nov 08

Halloween Fun

2 Halloween around our house is destined to be pretty eventful. Not only do we get to dress up and eat candy, but it’s Eric’s Birthday too!

The weekend prior to his big day, we hosted a party…cleverly titled “Eric-palooza”. He’s been talking about this party for a year now, so we were all excited when it finally arrived. Although I didn’t get any photos of that day (I guess we were too busy having fun?) you can be sure we had a good time. The party was complete with a costume contest, beer pong, and a snake in the bathroom. Wait, a what?! That’s right, around midnight I went into our master bathroom to find a SNAKE on the back of the toilet. No it wasn’t a prank (like I initially thought). I’m still in shock that there was a live snake in our house. In true Eric fashion, he laughed, picked up the snake and let it back out in the wild….because it’s a “good snake”. I’m hoping we’ve met our snake quota for the next 20 years and won’t have to deal with that again!

3 4 2014 halloween 1 Charlotte’s daycare had a parade on Halloween day, which was pretty adorable. The only thing that interested her in her bag was crackers. I’m thinking this is the last year she won’t immediately go for the candy. digging in candy IMG_2054IMG_2058kissesornery

Oct 28

Goodbye For Now, Garden

My dearest garden, you’ve been good to us this year. Our time was cut short last year with the hail storms, but by golly, all of the tender loving care we gave to you this spring/summer paid off in yummy vegetables. Now, not a lot of gardens survived the heat this summer. But, we weren’t about to lose another garden to the tough weather conditions, so we watered you three times a day if that’s what you required. Garden, you’ve taught me a lot. Not just about vegetables, but about the effort it takes to nurture something that you really love. I never thought that I would enjoy gardening until we took on this big adventure. Now I don’t know what it would be like to not have my own garden.


I digress. Now for the photos! In looking through my pictures this morning, I realized that we haven’t done a garden update in way too long! These photos go all the way back to August. We last told you about our very first harvest of the year here. We’ve harvested a lot more vegetables and herbs since then, made delicious recipes (like salsa and pesto), and froze/stored our surplus.



You have no idea how exciting this sight is….unless you garden, and then you get it. The second most exciting is walking back out another day to see all of the once green tomatoes a brilliant red. Love!The crops got a little scraggly at times, but with a nice helping of water, they always perked back up.


October: The carrots were ready to be harvested!We had to harvest all of the vegetables on this day because we were expecting a freeze that night. We didn’t get as many red tomatoes as we’d hoped for. I did pick all of the large green tomatoes and froze them for a later recipe….I’m thinking fried green tomatoes.

Unfortunately, all of our cucumbers this season were extremely bitter tasting. The owner of the local greenhouse said that there’s an old wives tale that says if you rub both ends of the cucumber before peeling, they will no longer be bitter. It didn’t quite work that way for us…

November: The potatoes were ready to be harvested.

Eric was excited for this because last year was so surprising. We had no idea how spread out potatoes grow until last year. This harvest was quite plentiful. We approximated that we got about 5 dozen potatoes. Not too shabby!This is what the garden looked like after the first freeze. Although it’s sad to see it all wilted, we knew it was coming, thankfully.We will be eating potatoes for months…