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Jun 27

Maternity Photos

Well, we decided not to hire a maternity photographer this time around. We’ve just been taking random photos when we get the chance or having a friend snap some of us as a family. They’re not professional quality by any means, but they work for the few photos we’ll frame around the house. Luckily, we’ve had good luck with them and have a great way to remember this second pregnancy (which has absolutely flown by)! Here are some of our favorites…


(the first couple are from 3 months ago…the belly is just a taaaad bigger now. And by a tad I mean a TON, eek) Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity PhotosMaternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity Photos Maternity PhotosSo there ya have it! DIY maternity pictures. That’s how we roll around here. We’ll see how that goes for newborn photos…

Mar 18

We’re Still Alive!

Wow! Please pardon the (3 month) interruption. Life sure has a way of keeping us busy, am I right?

In December, we found out that we are expecting another little! For the 14 weeks following that incredible news, I was pretty much a walking zombie. Morning sickness really kicked my behind this time around, but yet again, I survived! And really, it’s the best reason in the world to be sick, so I’m not complaining 🙂

Were Still Alive!Charlotte went with us to our first sonogram and picked up the new word “baby”. It has, since then, been her FAVORITE word. When she hears a baby crying in the store, she looks at me and says “baby!”. When she sees a kid on TV, she points and tell us “baby!”. It’s pretty adorable. She shares her binky and blankets with her baby doll. When the baby doll “cries’, she gives her the binky, puts her little finger up to her mouth and says “sshhh”. She’s got this mommy thing down! Little does she know she will be LIVING with a baby in 5 short months. I’m convinced she’s going to be a really great big sister.Were Still Alive!

I go between feeling SO excited, to really terrified to have 2 kids. Then I remind myself…people do this all the time, we can do it! No matter what, though, I feel a constant sense of gratefulness that God is giving me another child to love. I know it will become our “new normal”, but it’s just very hard to imagine splitting my time between a newborn, my first born (who has been, up to this point our favorite!!) and my husband. It will take some adjusting, and then it will just be life. And I’m excited for that 🙂 Eric is just plain excited, so it helps to hear his perspective when I’m doubting my mothering capabilities. He’s the rock, forever the rock in this family.

Were Still Alive!Despite the tiredness, “nesting” has officially kicked in. This is serious, people. Eric’s list of honey-dos is out.of.control. Luckily for me, he’s super handy, efficient, and very motivated. I hope to share some of the exciting DIY projects we’ve (and by we I mean I get the idea and the hubby makes it happen) been up to!

Were Still Alive!

Although I’ve been seriously neglecting this space, I think about it all the time and really enjoy sharing our life. So, thanks for hanging in there! Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Nov 12

Miss Independent

Miss IndependentHello! I thought I’d do a little photo update of our little munchkin. I want to remember every stage of this sweet girl’s life, so this is my place to do just that!

“On the move” is putting it lightly these days. She’s RUNNING for gosh sakes. Her personality is really starting to develop, so it’s been fun to watch her grow into a little person. She definitely likes to be independent- everything from sitting at the bar to eat (who needs highchairs anyway?) to cleaning the floors herself. As shown in the pictures above, when she wants to wear her winter hat for snack, that she does. Getting myself ready for work in the mornings is proving to be quiet difficult with a mobile one. She entertains herself by taking EVERY. single. thing out of the drawers as I rush to put myself together.

She is very determined and persistent, which are two traits I had as a little one. I’m hoping to really harness those characteristics and encourage her to use it them to motivate, rather than label her as being “stubborn” or “hard headed”. It’s all about the positive re-frame, people! She is SUPER smiley these days and likes to laugh when everyone else is. She is shy around new people, but LOVES visitors. We have a driveway alarm that alerts us when people drive down our lane. When she hears it, she seriously loses her mind!

She is obsessed with animals…of all kinds. I took her to the petstore the other day, which by the way is the best free winter activity! She loved watching the guinea pigs run around, and even liked the snakes….I guess it’s in her blood or something (ie. DAD! not Mom :)) When she saw the room of cats, she went bonkers. It was only fitting to buy her the cat beanie for this winter. It’s no secret around our house that I’m a cat gal, and Eric’s more of a dog kinda guy. Charlotte may or may not be persuaded by her Mama on this one. However, she is becoming very affectionate toward Barkley as of late. Her Dad might be rubbing off on her too 🙂

Everyday is exciting with a toddler. We just love seeing her excitement with every new thing she’s discovering, and learning who this little person is!

Nov 08

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun Halloween around our house is destined to be pretty eventful. Not only do we get to dress up and eat candy, but it’s Eric’s Birthday too!

The weekend prior to his big day, we hosted a party…cleverly titled “Eric-palooza”. He’s been talking about this party for a year now, so we were all excited when it finally arrived. Although I didn’t get any photos of that day (I guess we were too busy having fun?) you can be sure we had a good time. The party was complete with a costume contest, beer pong, and a snake in the bathroom. Wait, a what?! That’s right, around midnight I went into our master bathroom to find a SNAKE on the back of the toilet. No it wasn’t a prank (like I initially thought). I’m still in shock that there was a live snake in our house. In true Eric fashion, he laughed, picked up the snake and let it back out in the wild….because it’s a “good snake”. I’m hoping we’ve met our snake quota for the next 20 years and won’t have to deal with that again!

Halloween Fun Halloween Fun Halloween Fun Halloween Fun Charlotte’s daycare had a parade on Halloween day, which was pretty adorable. The only thing that interested her in her bag was crackers. I’m thinking this is the last year she won’t immediately go for the candy. Halloween Fun Halloween FunHalloween FunHalloween FunHalloween Fun

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