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Apr 06


Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Our holiday was especially fun now that Charlotte knows what’s going on! We spent the weekend with my parents and on Sunday with my Mom’s side of the family. We enjoyed a great Church service Saturday night, and Charlotte even fell asleep to the music at the end (first time ever!). Here are some photos to recap the weekend.


I think this photo is a great representation of Charlotte these days. Pure JOY! Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter Easter EasterEaster

Beautiful memories! Now to think how different next year will be with two little rugrats to enjoy my favorite holiday with 🙂

Apr 11

Easter at Our House

Here’s a little rundown of our Easter lunch!Easter at Our HouseEven though our kitchen/dining area is absolutely tiny, we managed to fit everyone at the table!Easter at Our HouseEaster at Our HouseDeviled eggs are probably my favorite part of Easter. My mom and I read about 10 website articles on “how to make the perfect hard boiled egg”. Once we decided on the one we’d follow (Martha Stewart, of course) we went for it. Apparently the altitude wasn’t taken into consideration in Martha’s article because they were far from being the best hard boiled eggs. I cracked one open and it wasn’t even close to being done! So we stuck the eggs back in the pot and re-boiled them, hoping they’d come out OK. Surprisingly, it worked!
I’ve learned a simple way of filling the eggs once they’re done. I’m sure a lot of people already know this, but I’m telling you, it makes life so much easier! I just make the egg filling in a bowl and then fill a small plastic zipper bag with the filling. I cut off a bit of one corner and squeeze out the desired amount into the egg! As for the filling, my family just uses mayo, a little mustard, s&p, and paprika. It sure does hit the spot.Easter at Our HouseEaster at Our HouseMom cooking away!
Believe it or not, there was actually a plethora of other delicious food at Easter lunch…I just managed to photograph the most important of the food items (above).

Easter at Our HouseEaster at Our HouseHaha, this one cracks me up. He always has a way of stealing the show…Easter at Our HouseGlamour shots!
I honestly believe that Barkley likes getting his picture taken. He always seems to pose for me when I get my camera out!Easter at Our HouseEaster at Our House

Mar 06

Easter is on its way!

I have yet to find another person whose favorite holiday is Easter. It’s my favorite and has always been.
I love the colors, the food and the weather! I have very fond memories of Easter growing up. In my opinion, you’re never too old to join in on an Easter egg hunt. They’re so fun!
This year, Eric and I are hosting Easter at our house for my Mom, Dad, and brother. In preparation for our guests, Eric and I are finishing up home improvement projects and I got to work on some fun decorations. I actually didn’t owe a single Easter-related item until this year when I decided it was time.

The first of the Easter decorations is switching out the window pane seasonal decor. I decided to go simple. I cut out egg shapes from colorful scrapbook paper, connected them with Rafia and hung it on the window pane!

Easter is on its way!Easter is on its way!Easter is on its way!I also found this adorable Easter printable online and framed it this cute aged
yellow frame that I found at a garage sale.Easter is on its way!Easter is on its way!I’m quickly learning that decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive! There are so many inexpensive DIY projects you can make for each holiday/season. AND it’s more fun and much more satisfying to make your own decorations!
I have one bag of plastic Easter eggs that I still need to use….what shall I make with them? Any ideas?