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Jun 21

Fireside Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!! As usual, this week has FLOWN by! We had something going on every night of the week (all fun things), so that makes it go especially quick. This weekend, we are looking forward to painting and going to my second baby shower! Well, one of us is not so excited about painting…but the end result is always so satisfying that it’ll all be worth it, right?!


Here’s what we’ve been up to this week! (P.S.- These are all phone photos so bear with me. They’re not the best quality!)


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This happened last night. Hahaha. Eric got to wear the sympathy belly at baby class! The women got to make their men do something particularly difficult while wearing the belly, so I had him sit on the ground and pretend to paint his nails and try to pick things up off the ground. He was a champ! I think he got a little taste of what it’s like to carry around some extra belly weight 🙂

Five For Friday- Baby Class
Eric’s family and best friend visited last weekend and look what they did! I’ll have a whole post devoted to this project, so get excited for that. They worked so hard and should be super proud of themselves. It looks awesome and has really changed the look of the house!
Five for Friday- Front Flower Bed
Paint Swatches!! You know I’m a DIY freak when the sight of paint swatches gets me SO excited! These are the four colors I picked out for our bathrooms, dining room, basement, craft room, AND front door. Can you guess which colors go where?? I guess you’ll have to wait to find out!

Five for Friday- Paint swatches
Looking at this picture, I’m sure you can’t make out what these babies are. Use your imagination. They’re SOON going to be window valences! Eric put them together and now it’s on to my portion of the project- adding the batting and fabric. That’s on my list of weekend to-dos. We’re doing these wooden valences in the nursery and our bedroom. Again, there will be a whole post devoted to these beauties, so get ready for that!
Five for Friday- Valences
I saved the best for last! THIS is my new diaper bag!! I’m just absolutely in love. I’m such a cheapy that I’ve never made the plunge into buying a designer purse. So, when I saw this Vera Bradley diaper bag on sale, I made the impulsive decision to buy it! And I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. There’s just enough pockets, it’s the perfect size, and there’s a fold out changing pad. Perfection! Now, I can’t wait to fill ‘er up with baby goodies!

Five for Friday- New Diaper BagHope you all have a great weekend!

Jan 30

January Days


We move into our new house tomorrow!! We are so, so, so excited and ready. This apartment was such a blessing, as it’s free to us and has been a lifesaver in so many ways. But I have to say, it’s also presented it’s challenges. It’s…small. Going from a comfortable-sized home with a huge backyard to a one bedroom apartment has been quite the adjustment. We had our routines, hobbies and go-to activities if we were bored. Now, we don’t have any of those things. The other part of the adjustment is that I haven’t started my job yet (although I did get word yesterday that my license has been approved, yahoo!!), so that leaves me in the one bedroom apartment with Barkley and not much to do with my time.

But with every negative comes a positive, I think. Eric and I have come up with new hobbies. We bought a puzzle last weekend. That’s right, we’re putting together a puzzle. All of our board games are in storage (with 99% of our other belongings), so that was immediately ruled out. Puzzles make for endless hours of fun. When I say endless, I mean it. We must’ve bought the most impossible puzzle ever…all of the pieces look the same!

I have also had lots of hours on my hands to read. Reading is something I’ve always enjoyed and make time to do every night before I go to bed. But having time during the day to read is quite the luxury. I have also taken the time to explore Clinton Lake with Barkley. This is, admittedly, something I wouldn’t have “found the time” to do ordinarily. But with all this extra time, we’ve had fun finding trails and waterfalls! Eric and I have also gone on a few walks around Clinton Lake (like tonight! The sunset was beautiful!) to get exercise.

All in all, January has presented it’s challenges but has also opened up new possibilities. I continually remind myself that this is part of our journey. We’re making memories every day!  We have been dreaming about our new house and all that goes with it for what seems like an eternity. So, this is a BIG week. We’re hoping it goes as seamlessly as the move-out did.

Aug 24

Lamp Re-do

I bought this lamp at a garage sale a couple years ago. I tend to stockpile items that I have ideas for, but don’t always get to the projects in a timely manner. This was one of those projects. The lamp re-do took me about 2 hours total, cost me absolutely nothing, and is such a transformation. Here’s the deal. My plan was to recover the lampshade with a pretty fabric.
I had little confidence in my ability to do this. Therefore, I took no pictures of the re-covering process. This is what I do, subconsciously, when I don’t think a project I’m doing will turn out. For anyone that knows anything about me, I tend to rush through projects and not measure, think things all the way through, or be very detail-oriented. It’s just how I was made. Taking the time to be particular makes me go bonkers. I knew that covering a lampshade would take some precision and patience….two things I don’t always have. This project, however, worked out perfectly, without making me be a crazy person! Maybe I’ll try another lampshade re-cover and do a full tutorial on it. That’d be handy for anyone who is interested in trying it at home.

When painting the lamp base, first I wiped it down with a damp cloth. Then, I sanded down the whole thing with sand paper. Then, I used mustard yellow paint and did a light first layer. I let that dry and repeated three times until I had the finish that I wanted.

To cover the lampshade:

Essentially, I made a template on paper by tracing the lampshade. Then, I measured (yes, you saw that right) one inch away from the traced line to act as space to fold down over the lampshade on the fabric. Then, I carefully cut on the line. Finally, I placed the fabric on the lampshade and glued one end down. I started from there and folded down the fabric on the top and bottom of the shade, gluing on the inside as I went. To hold the glue in place, I put clothespins on the top and bottom of the shade. I kept these clips on for 24 hours to make sure the glue held. 

And this is the final product! It lives in my work office. It brightens my day 🙂See that awesome desk? The hubby made that for me. It’s amazing…and so is he. The coolest part about this desk is that he’s making more and you can have one too! We’re custom making them, so let us know if you’re interested in your very own barnwood desk!


That’s all folks!

Aug 21

Country Livin’

There are few places more calming and beautiful than the countryside in Kansas where my parents live. One of my favorite things in the world to do is drive around with my Dad, brother, and/or Mom (whoever wants to ride along) and take pictures of the area. So I thought I’d share just why it is that I love it so much.


This is the building in Brookville, KS that my Dad bought and is transforming into a saloon-style bar and grill. My brother will manage and run the place. The opening date is unknown at this time, but it’s sure to be an I-70 KS destination soon enough!

Rico SuuuaaaveThese deer/buck pictures aren’t the greatest….but still pretty cool. Love the wildlife!They live by a military bombing range, so we see these signs frequently

I’m not sure that the pictures do it justice. I think we all have that special place that we feel the most calm and at home. I’m glad to have found that space already. And it’s not coincidence that it’s where my family is…


Until next time!

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