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Jul 08

Babymoon Love :)

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend! We spent our long weekend in Weston, MO celebrating our babymoon before the baby arrives!

Weston is one of our most favorite places to visit. It has everything we love- small town charm, breweries/wineries, and bed and breakfasts. Even though we couldn’t enjoy the breweries/wineries this time, Eric was able to get a flight of beer at the brewery and I did the honor of smelling each one and predicting what it’d taste like. I do what I can.

I forgot my “fancy” camera on this trip, but I was actually OK with it. We took a few photos with our phones (Eric’s pictures turned out better), but mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company and had a fun, relaxing time! Our bed and breakfast, the Benner House, had a really nice pool that we lounged at. Eric even surprised me with a couple’s massage! It was heavenly and a fun thing to do together. We went to the plaza for happy hour, and hit up the 4th of July festivities in Parkville, MO. Overall, it was just what the doctor ordered- a perfect, fun, relaxing babymoon as a couple! Who knows when we’ll have another getaway like this!



I (Eric) was able to get some of his pictures of our babymoon experience! These candid snapshops give you a little hint of the relaxation that took place over the 4th of July weekend.

Babymoon Flights

Babymoon Flights

Weston has an awesome Brewery for such a small town. If you are in the neighborhood you should definitely stop by and partake in the flights offered there. Here is the website for Weston Brewing Company.

Babymoon Bed and Breakfast

Babymoon Bed and Breakfast

Kelli and I love being able to get away from reality for a bit. We’ve found that B&Bs offer a great solution for a babymoon retreat. We stayed at the Benner House and it was great! Personally, my favorite part of the stay was the breakfast that was made each morning. Top breakfast I’ve had in a while. Again, if you live within driving distance to Weston, MO look into staying at the Benner House.

Parkville Babymoon

Parkville Babymoon

Here was our stop in Parkville to watch the fireworks. We ended up getting there a little too early(5pm arrival for a 9:30 firework show) oops… We made the best of it and people watched at the carnival to pass the time.

Babymoon Carnival

Babymoon Carnival

This was Kelli’s favorite part of the retreat. What babymoon is complete without a prenatal massage?

Post-Prenatal Massage

Post-Prenatal Massage

Baby moon Drinks

Babymoon Drinks

What a wonderful adventure! With Charlotte being our first mini, we’ve learned a lot of different things when it comes to babies and what to expect. Our babymoon was a lesson we don’t mind learning over and over again. It was a great way to relax with just the two of us. It gave us time to bond over the bundle of Joy we are about to bring into this world!!

Oct 04

Grand Cayman was a Grand Time!

Do you like my catchy title? I’m just so clever. har har har

I finally received the photos back from our underwater camera! We took this to Grand Cayman on our stingray/dolphin excursion. Eric bought me this for my birthday…how sweet. Swimming with a dolphin has been on my bucket list, so I got to check it off!

They wouldn’t let us take pictures during the dolphin swimming part, so we don’t have any of that, but lots of the sting ray encounter! It was so cool because we got to interact with them in their own habitat, the middle of the ocean! Our boat stopped on a sand bar, we got off and the sting rays flocked to us. Apparently they are so used to humans, and they know that we’ll feed them, so they’re very friendly. They literally swam up to our legs and rubbed against us. It was definitely freaky in the beginning but I slowly got used to it. The first time a stingray rubbed on my leg, I swiftly jumped into Eric’s arms….just like that, it was an immediate reaction. In no other situation would I have been scared and literally jumped into Eric to hold me, but in the ocean…with a deadly animal, I guess it was instinct.

The guides said that it was 7 years good luck if you kissed the stingrays!  The verdict is still out on that one, but we will keep you updated. So far so good!

What a cool feeling this was!

That’s a wild dolphin!  We were told by our guide that locals call this one Stinky.  He is known to be aggressive and a loner. They told us to steer clear of ol’ Stinky. Noted.


The lagoon below was where we swam with the dolphins.  it was pretty incredible!!  We put life jackets on and actually swam with, petted, and rode the dolphin like a surf board…j/k!This was an experience that I wont soon forget.

So that was our Grand Cayman adventure!  It was so cool to have the chance to try such a unique thing like swimming with stringrays and dolphins.

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Oct 01

Jamaican Me Crazy!

Wow, what an adventure Jamaica was! There for a while, I considered hopping right back onto the boat after walking into Ocho Rios. FIrst of all, it felt like it was 200 degrees out, and secondly, there were hundreds of Jamaicans hassling us to take a ride in their taxi cabs. It was stressful to say the least. We finally settled on a taxi driver that appeared to be approachable and more importantly, trustworthy. And that he was! He took us wherever we wanted and gave us some “behind the scenes” views of Ocho Rios. It turned out to be a blast and one of my favorite parts of the trip!  The landscape was breathtaking. I had no idea Jamaica was so mountainous. Here’s our taxi driver. He was 26, just like Eric and I, haha. It was amazing to see the diversity of living arrangements. There were homes like this below and then shack-like places in other areas.A boy came up to the taxi and asked if we’d like to see him do flips. Of course we said yes! He did about 5 back handsprings down this windy road. Pretty cool!

And yes, we tipped him. They can spot Americans a mile away!Fruit stands everywhere!This was the high school in Ocho Rios. VERY different from what we’re used to in the states. They go half days at school there- there are two groups of kids. One group goes to school for 4 hours in the morning and the other group goes 4 hours in the afternoon.

The local farmers market was one of the most unique experiences. We didn’t get out of the taxi, but we saw all of the food stands from the window.

We took a break from the tour on this amazing, quaint beach. My Mom got her hair braided (!), we drank Red Stripe beer, ate jerk chicken (amazing!) and dipped into the crystal blue water.


It started out as a normal picture….

And turned into this…

What would paradise be without a fire breather?

What a fun way to end the trip! As always, it’s who you’re with, not where you are…so being in Jamaica with people I love is my idea of perfection.

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Sep 27

We came, we saw, we conquered Key West

Our first cruise port was Key West.

We cruised around the island on an electric car, making stops at a national park, cafe for key lime pie and bars for some island brew and chew. It was beautiful, sunny and fun!

Mother Hen and her chickie babies just hanging out on the sidewalkSloppy Joes- one of Ernest Hemingway’s old stomping grounds. We ate conch (conch fritters, that is) for the first time. One of my famous tropical sunglass pictures

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