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Feb 14

Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentine’s Day edition]

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air around here. Not only is it the day of love, but it’s Barkley’s 4th birthday too! It’s hard to believe he’s been with us that long. Poor Barkley, his sweet face didn’t even make it on to this post. Maybe next time, buddy.
I didn’t have time to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year, but I’m still feeling in the spirit. Eric and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day celebrations….every day is a day for love, right?! We’re going to order some steaks from the butcher, rent a movie and have a nice date night in. Sounds like a pretty solid evening.

I’m linking up on this fine Friday- click the logo below to check out all the other Friday bloggers!

Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition]

ONE– Of course I did a Valentine’s Day photo shoot! Duh
She is an active one these days, so all of the pictures are fuzzy…
My Mom got Charlotte the CUTEST outfit, stuffed animal and card 🙂 Thanks, Grandma Haug!
Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition] Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition] Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition] Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition] Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition]Oh, the many faces of Miss CharlotteFireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition]


TWO– My fortune last week. It was precisely what I needed in that very moment. God is good!Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition]


THREE– I made this Mexican Lasagna Wednesday night. ACTUALLY, I prepared it Tuesday, put it in the fridge, and baked it last night for dinner. I had to work late, so Eric was on daddy duty. To make life a little easier on him, he just had to pop this in the oven and dinner was ready when I got home. I’ll have the recipe up soon. It was devine and the leftovers are equally as good.Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition]


FOUR– I mean, really. How did I get so lucky to have these two sweet faces in my life? Some of the best moments are spent right here on the living room floor, any night of the week. Eric makes Charlotte laugh and smile more than anyone on this planet. Their connection makes my heart so happy. Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition]


FIVE– I made this wooden sign for the basement the other day. It makes for a great edition to the giant, blank walls down there. Between this and the tree wall art, we’re making headway on basement decorations!Fireside 5 on Friday! [Valentines Day edition]I hope you all have a great weekend! I know we will be enjoying the warm(er) weather!

Feb 01

The Rinehart’s DIY Family Tree Art

A man, his baby, and a roll of painters tape.  That’s how this fun DIY Family Tree Art adventure started.  I (this is Eric) have always wanted to paint a tree on a wall in our house.  I never seemed to find the time when we lived in Sidney, but Topeka on the other hand- this house was made for a tree in our basement.  And oh, how I love our new tree!
I started the process by finding out how much a wall decal would be. I couldn’t find one large enough for less than $75! I knew there had to be a cheaper way to make this tree happen. Kelli and I looked at some ideas online and settled on what we wanted our tree to look like. One of the coolest things about doing this on our own is that we got to customize it just how we wanted it to look.

One of the neatest things about this DIY Family Tree Art project is that it costs close to nothing to do.  The supplies I used totaled around $10.

The list of items used are:

  • One $3 roll of painters tape
  • White paint paint (which we already had lying around)
  • A kitchen sponge
  • The time and patience to “grow” the tree from the ground, up 🙂

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree Art

In our humble abode, we have this one particularly long hallway in our basement, which you will find as soon as you come down the stairs.  It spans the entire length of our ranch style home.  I paid the hefty price for this long hallway when it came time to get my latest guy purchase, a new (absolutely necessary) 60 inch tv.  To purchase this new toy, I made the dreadful deal with my then preggo wife to paint not only this hallway, but our family room as well…so pretty much this amounted to the entire basement. Three gallons of paint later, I had a blank canvas to paint my tree!  Please do let the record show; I absolutely hate painting.  I am a DIY kinda guy, but painting is the devils work.  Just sayin’
Let me introduce you to our hallway, aka the blank canvas.  I still have nightmares of painting this thing…

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtNow it’s time to watch the tree “grow” 🙂

Honestly, this project turned out to be way easier than I thought it was going to be.  I just started at the base of the trunk and work your way up.  I ripped strips that were 6-9 inches long and let my imagination and creativity decide what I wanted the tree to look like.
You can choose how wide/tall you want your tree to be. Ours turned out to be 13 feet wide because we had a large area to work with.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtOnce I got to a natural “Y” in the tree, I decided how wide to make the next limb. I placed a piece of tape to start the other side limb.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtThen, I took it section by section.  I found it easiest to start getting the middle of the tree set up, so that I could envision how it needs to start taking shape.  The goal for me was to have limbs that would fill in all the dead space on the wall.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtAgain, if you look really close, you can see this is all done by those ripping off short sections of tape and placing each piece over the one right before it.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtCharley was able to get in on the taping as well.  She pretty much bossed me around when it came to where to put each piece of tape.  She’s her mother’s daughter!! 🙂

I also noticed in the above picture that it looks like my sleeves are about 6 inches to short.  Obviously, this is my night-on-the-town shirt.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree Art I placed two pieces of tape on either side of the tree to give me boundaries to both reach for, but not pass.

As I got closer to the end of each limb, rather than using two pieces that slowly got narrower and narrower, I would just use one piece that would be a place holder for the “twigs” part of the tree.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtAnd voila!!  The taped tree.
At this point, I had invested about 2 hours into the tree.  Charley slept in the front pack for about an hour and a half of that. Multi-tasking at its finest.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtNext up, the painting.  As I explained earlier,  I hate painting!  So lucky Kelli, she gets that job.  It was fairly easy for the most part-  just stay between the lines.  It’s like a grown-up version of a coloring book.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtShe did such a wonderful job!  We did two coats of paint since we picked such a light color against the grey.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtThis is where the creative side of Kelli was able to really shine.  I don’t think I had it in me to get the twigs to look just right.

I was very impressed with her work, as she did it all free hand with a basic inch wide paint brush.  She was in a groove!!

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtThe last step–the leaves.  Unfortunately, I had to take this part.  Kelli cut out the leaf template out of an old kitchen sponge that we had lying around.

Tip– we cut out two sizes of leafs to try and went with the larger of the two. We were very happy with that decision.  I think they look better and more uniform.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtAnd here she is!!  Not too shabby for $10 and about 4-5 hours of work!!

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtHere are a couple different angles to view the tree from.

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree ArtOverall, our DIY Family Tree Art project turned out exactly how we wanted it to.  We’ve toyed around with the idea of putting pictures of our family on the tree. That’ll happen one day! With a new baby in he mix, there’s just not as much time as we used to have. But of course, it’s so worth it! One day, she’ll be helping us with all of our crazy house projects.

If we do decide to put the family pictures up, we’d like to keep the frames black and uniform. We have a vision!

The Rineharts DIY Family Tree Art

If you and your family decide to tackle the DIY Family Tree Art adventure, I would challenge you to put the exact number of limbs it would take to accurately represent your real family tree.

For you Missouri Tiger fans out there, I’m sure that means there’s just one limb so that will be easy for you to figure out.  Rock Chalk Jayhawks!(I was feeling feisty when I wrote this part.  But, I do really dislike anything Missouri Tiger related. Again, just sayin’)

Until next time. Build On!


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Sep 03

DIY Shutter Letter Holder

DIY Shutter Letter HolderI did a post about 2 years ago on my previous blog, and re-posted it here, but I thought it was time to talk about this cute and functional letter holder again! It is one of the most asked about wall-pieces at our house. And to be honest, it was by far one of the easiest to make.
We use it for all of our fun mail- the stuff you can’t just throw away and really want to display. I found my shutter at a garage sale. To hang it on the wall, Eric attached a piece of wire to two small nails on the back.


DIY Shutter Letter Holder
DIY Shutter Letter HolderI used Martha Stewart’s Crackle paint from Home Depot. This stuff goes on sale all the time, so hopefully you can catch it clearanced at your local store. I included the putty knife in the picture as a reminder that this paint should not be applied with a paint brush! DIY Shutter Letter HolderI love the finish that the crackle paint gives- it’s a rustic finish that regular paint just can’t offer. DIY Shutter Letter HolderSo next time you stumble upon a shutter, snatch it up and make a letter holder!

May 28

Furniture Painting: Gray End Table

I’m back again with another furniture re-do. This one literally took me a total of about a half an hour. And it made a HUGE difference in our living room! I love it when that happens.

About a month ago when I was picking out paint colors for the nursery, I ran across some “oops” paint at Home Depot. It was a pretty gray, for $6, so I had to get my hands on it. It’s a Behr interior flat paint and I knew it’d match our living room color scheme. We have a hand-me-down oak end table that needed a little love. SO I sanded the sucker down and followed my usual furniture painting steps!

This electric sander is my new favorite tool. It makes my life so much easier and is totally worth the investment if you’re into furniture painting! Ours is a Porter Cable.

Furniture Painting: Gray End Table

Then, I applied one coat of paint with a nice paint brush (this is important! We use Wooster brand), let it fully dry…..and added the last coat! Once that coat had dried, I applied two liberal coats of wood wax (we use Howard Citrus Shield) on the top and bottom shelf. Easy peasy.

Furniture Painting: Gray End Table

And here is the gray end table in it’s new home. Looks pretty snazzy next to the slate gray couch, huh?

Furniture Painting: Gray End Table Furniture Painting: Gray End Table

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I can’t seem to take a picture without Barkley getting in it. He’s always trying to steal the show. This time, our friend’s dog, Genny, made her way in there too 🙂

Furniture Painting: Gray End Table

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