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Feb 11

Charlotte’s First Snow Day!

We bundled up the babe and took her out in the snow!! She pretty much loved it and it was SO fun to watch her experience it for the first time.C in Snow Charlotte and Dad Charlotte and Mom2 Smiling with Mom Charlotte lookingI can’t wait to experience all of Charlotte’s “firsts”. It’s amazing to see the world through her eyes; We have so much to be grateful for!

Mar 02

Snow Days

Do you ever have those weeks….or months, that seem like a complete whirlwind? That’s what we’re in right now. I really can’t believe it’s already March. Things happened unusually fast for us regarding the move to Kansas, buying a new house, getting and starting new jobs, moving in, etc. so it feels like life is just now sinking in.

We’re still trying to figure out the whole blogging AND having a life/getting things done thing. I just don’t get how people do it. Well, technically I do…they make time for it and probably sacrifice sleep. But I’ve decided that sleep is the only thing that’s helping me function at this point and that it’s just plain necessary.

We have an insane amount of projects and excitement surrounding our new house. We talk about sharing all of these ideas with you guys, but when it comes down to the writing…the time just doesn’t present itself. But I will tell you that we do this because we really do love it. We love sharing our stories with people and it’s so neat to have a bit of a virtual scrapbook to document our life! There are so many times that we look back on the blog to see how we did something or to remember an event we went to. SO, with all of that said, we are going to try our darndest to do more updates and share how we are making this house our home.

I was so grateful for a snow day last week. We had quite a productive day, and a little fun in the snow thrown in there too. This week, Eric got a snow day but I had to go in to work 🙁 I was really hoping for another carefree day of organizing and decorating around the house…
Here’s what happens to Eric on a snow day. He turns into a 5 year old boy. It’s adorable.

Eric and Barkley Shoveling Barkley likes to catch snow balls. He may or may not think they’re treats. Barkley jumping Snow angels…Snow Angel RunningThat’s right, Barkley is lying on top of Eric. They have a special relationship.  Lying in the SnowWe also made a snowman, but I didn’t snap a picture of him. He was taller than me!


And this is the view out of the kitchen window on our second big snow day.
Kitchen Window

We quickly learned the one major disadvantage of having a long gravel driveway. When it comes to snow, our driveway and lane becomes an absolute mess. Thank goodness for a 4 wheel drive truck….but my little car doesn’t exactly do well in the gunk.

Although the snow is beautiful and we love the moisture (for our new pond!), I’d be fine if it doesn’t snow for another year.


Next up: Home updates!