Oct 17

The Rents (parents) Come to Town!

All, I would like you to meet my pops!  He built the knowledge foundation to just about everything that I’ve accomplish in life.  That foundation is something I draw on all the time when doing the things that I write about on Fireside Dreamers(DIY, Recipes, etc…)  I was very fortunate to have grown up in a place that not everything was handed to me.  I had to work for many of the things that I had back then, which now translates into working for thing things that Kelli and I have now.  I could go on and on about the many things that I love about my dad as well as my other amazing parents but we have plenty of posts for that.

Let’s jump back over to the topic of this post: My Dad and Step-Mom, who I also am very lucky to have in my life, have driven the 550 miles to come pay Kelli and I a visit for a long weekend.  For more a detailed map of their general directions see below or if you would like to schedule your own personalized visit please contact us at 1-800-We love visitors so come see us(not sure what the exact numbers would be on the phone for that one.)

If you do come visit us, you will also be greeted by this crazy feller.   He looks like he is very much on alert right now.  It’s probably from a leaf blowing or some other killer threat to our property.  Oh Barkley, you wear a tough look on the outside but you are such a cuddly baby on the inside.

We had quite the manly meal this particular evening.  I don’t know the exact amount of ingredients used in any part of the dish, mostly because I cook on the fly.  So, if I ever make food that you eat its guaranteed to be one of a kind!

The summary version of this meal: meat and potatoes!!  now that’s what I’m talking about!!!  Don’t get me wrong I like some Eggplant Stacks or some Zucchini, Tomato, Cucumber, Feta Pasta Salad , but it doesn’t get any better than a T-Bone, Filet Mignon, and some roasted potatoes(see below 🙂 )

My dad and I swapping photo tips.  We look so intense!

Just a little FYI.  I used to stand over steaks while they were cooking on the grill and watch them like a hawk.  And I would get anxious and nervous that they would burn so I would flip it too soon and then have to flip it and flip it and flip it and flip it and flip it because it wouldn’t be done.  Note to self(and others): let the steaks rest and only flip twice!!!

I’ve learned that if I get them on the grill and go do something, by the the time I get back, they are ready to turn (roughly 3-5 minutes depending on the thickness of the steak.)  Then I flip them, go do something again and then come back and they are just about finished.  It’s like the old saying ‘A watched pot never boils.’

While the steaks were on the grill Barkley and I had enough time to take a photo op.

And that my friends, is a well grilled steak!  I’m personally a medium-rare guy, but Kelli likes hers medium on the inside.  You throw a little asparagus, my favorite grilled veggie, and you got yourself a meal fit for king!

My dad had a pretty good idea for the asparagus.  Use two skewers through either side of each one to make it very simple to flip.  It worked like a beaut!

The steaks were amazing, but having my parents here to feast on them made them that much better.  Anyone can make food, but it’s the company that you are with that makes a meal unforgettable!  Kelli and I loved having the rents in town over that weekend and hopefully they can come again sooner rather than later!  Love you guys!


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