Sep 07

The Wooden Folding Chair

This is a story of a magnificent wooden folding chair.


Ok, it’s really not a story at all and it’s a cool chair but not quite of the magnificent variety.

I’ve always been in love with antique wooden chairs. So when I found this one at a garage sale for $1, of course I snatched it up. $1? Are you kidding me? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

This is the chair before it’s clean up job.

I like to think about who sat in it, and when, and the stories it could tell. There’s something about a chair, a resting place, that makes my mind wander.

In order to clean this baby up, I first got all of the dust off with a damp rag. Then, I used a wood wax to bring it back to it’s original beauty. And it’s a beauty, I tell ya what.

I’ve thought about painting it, or even just roughing it up a little to give it the rustic feel. But I find myself wanting to keep it just as it is. I don’t have any room in my house to showcase the guy (as we’ve filled about every possible spot), but I’m saving it for a future house or remodel.

I’m sure lots of people have stumbled upon cool wooden folding chairs just like this one…which kind of takes the novelty out of it, but it’s still a treasure to me.


  1. mom

    Looks good, but I bet in it’s next home, you will have him “dressed” in color:)

  2. Roxanne

    very cool chair. hope you find it a happy home

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