Jul 17

We All Make Mistakes….Right?

This wasn’t the kind of life changing mistake you might be thinking. It’s quite the opposite in fact, but a mistake nonetheless. AND it makes for a funny/slightly embarrassing story.


So, for two years now, I’ve had a good plant going on my kitchen window sill. I was darn proud of it too! When someone would walk in the door and ask “What in the world is that plant?”, I’d boastfully say “It’s parsley! Duh!”. I specifically remember my Mom coming in and saying…”Is that a carrot in that small pot?”. Of course it’s not Mom, it’s an herb!

I used that parsley in countless dishes. When my husband would say “Hmm, this doesn’t smell like the dried parsley we have”, I’d just shrug and toss it in. That was some hearty parsley too, because it stayed strong for two years straight! I watered that baby every day. We had a special relationship.


A while ago (yes, I’m a bit behind on this breaking news), I’m watering the carrots in the garden. I looked at the tops coming up and thought….that looks strangely like the parsley on my window sill. I looked again closely and it clicked. Maybe my parsley was really a carrot!

No way, it couldn’t be. I’ve never even planted carrots before this year, so there’s just no way. I walk inside and gently pull up on my parsley stems just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy.

And out comes…

an orange CARROT!

Oh my lanta, was I surprised. I’m still shocked to this day, and honestly have no idea how #1 it stayed alive so long, and #2 how I planted a carrot without knowing it!

Sorry to all that I doubted (that includes you, Mom). You were right, it wasn’t parsley. Ya know that green thumb I thought I was slowly attaining…yea, this was a minor set back to that title. Maybe one day.

Can’t you see the resemblance. Carrot tops, parsley…pretty much the same thing! And it was the same thing in my house for 2 years, har har.Until next time!

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